UPDATE: Altneuro.com Review. Site shutdown!

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This is a brief Altneuro.com review (Altneuro Review) to help you have a better understanding of the company, the origin, management and other details.

Altneuro.com: We are looking for great leaders all over the world.
Chat with me on Whatsapp, telegram or visit our website altneuro.com

The above message landed on my cell phone through an sms on 8th April, 2019. My reaction was as you can guess.

That led me to make some Enquiries and below are my findings:

Altneuro Overview

Website: altneuro.com
Country: Britain
Registration: England and Wales
Establish: 2019
Concentration: Crypto TradingInvestment
15 London Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5RS, London

Altneuro the company

Altneuro is described as the “Next Generation Investment Platform”.

It is an online Cryptocurrency trading and investment company founded in March 2019 which commenced operations on the 7th of April, 2019.


According to information on the company’s website, it business isn’t limited to blockchain technology alone. It is also said to specialised in a variety of investment portfolios.

According to available data, altneuro is registered in England and Wales with registration number 11891261


Altneuro is made up of a founding/management core team of 3 people.

Core Team

Altneuro.com review, Altneuro Review
Mr. Ronnie Parker



Altneuro.com review, Altneuro Review
Mr. Adam Watson

Technical Expert


Altneuro.com review, Altneuro Review
Mr. Victor Lewis

Marketing Expert


Although I couldn’t find more detailed information about these individuals, their are multiple videos of all of them speaking on diverse topics online. You can find that on the altneuro site as well as YouTube. That is reassuring and a confirmation that they are actually real people and not pseudo names.

Aside the core team, Altneuro is also made up of a solid team of staff who are responsible for daily operations of the organization.

  1. Altneuro.com review, Altneuro Review


  • Comprehensive Solutions

AltNeuro has a team that is always available and here to offer you ultimate solutions and support whenever you need.

  • Experts Availability

Altneuro has a team of proficient members who are adept in handling any issues you face while trading with altcoin. The experts will help you at any point.

  • Building Success

If you are new to this field, you need a proper investment plan that needs to get you started from scratch. We will guide you in all aspects for win-win situation.

  • Ultimate Customer Care Service

Altneuro has a unique customer care service that is always willing to help you to get through any difficulties and support at any time of the day.

  • Comprehensive Understanding

Altneuro understands the need of comprehensive analysis as there are many aspects of this particular trade. So, we provide you the ultimate help.

  • Full Security

Security is one of the most important aspects in this trade. So we assure you 100% security regarding this and provide full protection.

What AltNeuro Offer?

Altneuro aim to serve their customers by taking care of all the difficult part of investment management and risk evaluation. Furthermore, we also ensure you profit as we work relentlessly on achieving that objective.

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is a medical term which is the study of one of the fundamental parts of our body – nervous system. Being a multidisciplinary topic of science, it combines other major branches of science like molecular biology, physiology, anatomy, cytology, psychology, developmental biology and even mathematical modeling.

All this will help the comprehensive understanding of neuron as well as neural circuits. Eric Kandel describes the biological learning, behavior, memory consciousness and perception as the one and only challenge of the concerned subject of biological science.

Altneuro.com review, Altneuro Review, Altneuro
Altneuro.com review, Altneuro_Review, Altneuro

What is Computer Neuroscience?

It is also a branch of neuroscience, which uses the knowledge of mathematical models, brain abstractions, and theoretical analysis.

It also focuses on the principle that governs the structure, development, psychology and cognitive abilities. However, it makes use of AI and robotic technology that have manual interface to perform these tasks.


Altneuro.com review - Altneuro vs Forex Trading
Altneuro.com review, Altneuro Review, Altneuro


    • Amount: $10-$5000
      • Total Income Per ID: 300%
    • ROI: 1.5% for 200 Days
    • Direct Income: 10%
    • Indirect Income: Upto 5 Levels
    • Binary Income: 10% of the Matching Investment
    • Rewards: Upto $188850



Altneuro.com review, Altneuro Review, Altneuro


    • Amount: $5001++
    • Total Income Per ID: 300%
    • ROI: 2% for 150 Days
    • Direct Income: 10%
    • Indirect Income: Upto 5 Levels
    • Binary Income: 10% of the Matching Investment
    • Rewards: Upto $188850



Minimum Withdrawal


Minimum Investment


Minimum Fund Transfer


Fund Transfer Charges



The Binary

Altneuro also runs a binary plan that enables one to earn five levels deep. The commission is 10% on all direct referrals.

Business Presentations.

Altneuro has a list of promotional materials and presentations slide in diverse languages. The languages covered includes:

The Goal

At Alt Neuro, our primary objective is to educate the people about the prospective of Altcoins and making them available for use. Many a time, in spite of having the awareness, people fail to derive the maximum out from this market due to the lack of proper knowledge base. They also fail to understand the complexities that are often associated with this arena.

Now, Alt Neuro aims to eradicate the problems faced by investors and look after the important aspects like investment management and evaluating any risk factor that turn them to profit making ventures.

Alt coins  Trading Future is Here!

Our team hope for you to join us as we are ready to serve you with the ultimate services at our disposal. You may contact us for detailed information or any concerns related to altcoins trading.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Join us and enhance your income from cryptocurrency.

We hope you admire and use the best available service. Contact our support for any type of concern.

Join Alt Neuro today and intensify your crypto income.

Message from the management

As you know the future of cryptocurrency is bright and cryptocurrencies are trending all over the world. And Altneuro is the first company in this world to use computer neuroscience to gather information and help members to get profitable altcoin trading.

Though they started offering their services just sometime back, they have instantly received positive feedback and grew exponentially within a short period. From substantially increasing members to more and more investors offering support, Altneuro have already made a name in this cryptocurrency trading market.

It is amazing how far Altneuro have come in such a short time. All thanks go to every employee of this organization along with their loyal members and investors who have shown continuous support from the beginning.

What they do is offer valuable information to their members using computer neuroscience which is machine learning along with AI-powered robots and certain manuals that aids community to make ample profit and grow larger.

Their motto is to seal any deal that will assist you in earning a profit.

So, if you are seeking a altcoin trading platform that will aid you to earn a profit and not suffer any loss then Altneuro is the ideal choice. Simply visit website https://altneuro.com, register and choose the plan which suits your requirement best. You do this and all you need to do after this is reap the benefits which Altneuro have to offer!



On July 10th, 2019, Altneuro site went offline and management reported that the site was hacked. The platform was eventually shut down on July 11th, 2019

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