[NOT Paying] Altneuro Review: – Promising Crypto Trading platform – Updated

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Altneuro is currently the fastest growing and most promising crypto currency business platform on the internet. Altneuro focuses on providing profitable cryptocurrency investment solutions through Artificial Intelligence, an MLM project that is quite welcome around the world.

🔥 Key selling points of AltNeuro 
✅ Security Domain and Green Bar SSL
✅ DDOS Protected Website
✅ Professional Website design.
☑️ Verifiable business registration
✅ Founders and management not anonymous. + Real and verifiable Actual office address.

✅ Strong community of members
✅ Moderate but sustainable interest rate
☑️ Fantastic support System,… and many more factors another.

💥 please note that, the above points are personal opinions of the writer and not a guarantee of the long-term safety of your investment.

If you need assistance, don’t forget to contact me via the channels below:

+ Telegram: https://t.me/Chilakem

+ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2113029908752265

Basic introduction to Altneuro

(Video introducing the departments of the project)

+ Founding Date: April 7, 2016

+ Interest from 1.5-3% / day

+ Min investment: $10

+ Min withdraw: 5$, 10% charge on applies on withdrawal order (Note: You can only withdraw money from INCOME EWALLET and ROI EWALLET , USD Wallet is only used for investment and deposit)

+ Internal transfer fee: 0% 

+ Support Payment Gateway: BTC

+ Direct commission: 10%

+ Binary commission: 10% (to receive Binary Income, you must have one each registered and active direct referral on your left and right legs. so if necessary, you can create two more accounts directly under your main account and activate with $10 each to qualify for Binary.

+ Payment: Automatic in few minutes

+ RCB: 5%

Altneuro is a good MLM project that is currently global and is thriving in almost all countries since early April. It is a hyip + mlm project that combines traditional and binary, has a strong management team and a strong support system online.

Interest from: 1.5% -3% depending on your investment package, the maximum income is x3 of the amount you invested.

2- What is 1x and 3x in altneuro.com system?

a) – About 1x

Your 1X is your total active investment amount. If your active investment is $100, you can NOT earn more than $100 from a single transaction. That means if your ID is $100 and if you sponsor someone for $5000, you will only receive $100. To get $500 of this transaction, your investment must be $500. The same applies when your binary or indirect or rewards are calculated. You cannot earn more than 1x in a single transaction.

b) About 3x

Your 3X is your total potential earnings on your investments. It is your active investment multiply by 3. If your investment is $100, you can earn up to $300 from all sources including:. Your ROI + Direct income + Reward + Binary income, You cannot receive more than $300. If you don’t want to lose your income because of 3X, you should upgrade your ID.

Altneuro Investment packages

Altneuro has a total of 4 investment packages:

+ Gold: $10- $5,000 interest 1.5% / day for 200 days
+ Diamond: $5,001- $50,000 interest 2% / day for 150 days
+ Diamond50K: $50,001- $100,000 interest 2.5% / day for 120 days
+ Diamond100K: $100,001 ++ 3 interest % / day for 100 days

Altneuro review

How to Register with Altneuro 

+ Step 1: Click here to register: https://altneuro.com

+ Step 2: After you fill in the information => Click “Register” :

Altneuro review


+ After successful registration, you will receive the login password and transaction password in the inbox of the email you used for registration. You login and change it.

Altneuro review

+ After registering, you need to set up your btc wallet on your account so that you can receive payment: Go to “Edit Profit” => “Bitcoin Address” to update your wallet address

Altneuro review

How to deposit money into altneuro account

+ To Deposit money into your Altneuro account, click on “Deposit” => a wallet address will be displayed, you will copy it and return to your wallet and send the amount you want to invest.

Altneuro review

+ After 3 confirms, you will see your money in “USD EWallet” => So payment is successful

Altneuro review

Altneuro investment guide

+ To invest, go to “Invest” => Enter the amount => Enter Pass => Click “Confirm ”


+ After confirming you will be notified by email that the investment is successfully done, and your daily interest will commence after 24hrs.

Altneuro review

Important note:  The above information and every other information shared by myremoteincome.com is for reference only, the right to decide is in your hands. Make sure you understand the nature of HYIP before you invest and take responsibility for your own decisions.

If you need assistance, don’t forget to join us



On July 10th, 2019, Altneuro site went offline and management reported that the site was hacked. The platform was eventually shut down on July 11th, 2019.

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