How to Make Good Money with BuyeUnit Affiliate Program in 2020

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If you have been looking for a legit and simple online opportunity to make money in 2020, BuyeUnit Affiliate Program is one you should seriously consider. BuyeUnit Affiliate program has been described by many as the easiest money-making opportunity online.

It is easy, it is simple, it is legit and above all, IT IS 100% FREE TO JOIN. Below is a BuyeUnit Affiliate program review.

What is

BuyeUnit is an online utility payment company in Nigeria. It offers the easiest and fast online utility payment. This innovative solution helps to top-up your prepaid meter or pay your postpaid electricity bill in a few clicks.

The BuyeUnit Affiliate Program

The BuyeUnit Affiliate Program is the most unique and simplest affiliate program in Nigeria. The program allows anyone to refer a customer once and technically earn forever on each successful transaction that the referred customer makes on BuyeUnit.Com.

It is open all as well as BuyeUnit users. It is also suitable for content creators, publishers, Bloggers, website owners and anyone who loves making money online. You can simply use your unique affiliate link to refer customers to BuyeUnit and earn unlimited income.

As an affiliate, you have full access to cool affiliate tools that will allow you to create links, copy banner codes to paste on your blog or website, check how much you earn, check how much you earn through your Sponsored Affiliates, check who is your Affiliates and how many they are and also see real-time your referred traffic to BuyeUnit.

BuyeUnit Affiliate program review

Why BuyeUnit Affiliate Program is cool

1. Simplicity

The BuyeUnit affiliate program is so Simplified that even any internet newbie with no experience in online or affiliate marketing can participate and earn. More so, the BuyeUnit affiliate program is fast and FREE to join and work with. Don’t require a website or Blog but you can use your website or blog if you have one. Basically, Anybody can join.

2. Refer Once, and Earn Forever!

Another cool feature! With the BuyeUnit Affiliate program, you enjoy forever cookie tracking on your referral. If you referred a buyer to BuyeUnit once, and the buyer didn’t buy immediately, you can still get paid when the buyer eventually buys any day in the future as long as the said buyer hasn’t cleared cookies on his or her browser.

3. Superb Affiliate Support

BuyeUnit Affiliate program has one of the best support systems in the industry. Whenever you are in need of help, you get it instantly. Aside from that, BuyeUnit support gives tips and tricks to improve your affiliate earnings through its newsletter and Blog. And will always be there to answer your queries

4. Instant Payment

BuyeUnit Affiliate program pays you instantly on your request. Funds are transferred immediately once you request a payout. Isn’t that cool? No waiting period and no huge Withdrawal charges

5. 100% Free to join

One of the Coolest Part of the BuyeUnit Affiliate program is that it is completely free to join with no hidden charges. Anybody, age 18 years and above is free to join.

6. Low minimum payout

BuyeUnit has a very low minimum payout amount. The minimum you can withdraw is Two thousand Naira (N2,000).

How to join BuyeUnit Affiliate Program

To join the BuyeUnit affiliate program, all you need to do is to CLICK on the link sent to you by your sponsor or the one found above or below this page that says “BECOME AN AFFILIATE” or “Join Our Affiliate Program Now” or Click HERE

How to refer a customer or Sponsored an Affiliate

Once you signed up for the Program, watch out for an email from the BuyeUnit Affiliate program, two links will be sent to you, one for referring customers, the other for inviting Affiliates.  You can share the links through any means (Social media, (Facebook, WhatsApp, Tweeter, etc) and eMail ).

Also, banners can be found in your accounts’ Dashboard which you can use to display on your website or blog.  Once the links or banners are clicked, even if the customer or potential affiliated did not make any transaction or join through you, BuyeUnit will still record them as coming from you, if they eventually make traction or join.

How much can one make in a month?

How much you can make from the BuyeUnit Affiliate program depends on the number of customers you refer to BuyeUnit. If you have referred customers up to 50,000, then you technically have the potential to make up to One Million Naira (N1,000,000) monthly without ever trying to re-referred them again, ever.

Averagely, each customer makes a minimum of one transaction par monthly.

Join BuyeUnit Affiliate Program

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