Coinsbit Exchange CNG Airdrop – Earn FREE $300 CNG Token In 5 -level Referral Program

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Great news for token lovers! In honor of its second anniversary, Coinsbit has launched the biggest referral program with CNG airdrop.

CNG token is a gaming token from CNGame Casino with the support of the Coinsbit exchange partner. The reward payment guarantee, absence of intermediaries and all advantages of the cryptocurrency are combined in a future gaming token – CNG!

Coinsbit & CNG Casino Launch 5-level Referral Program

CNG tokens will be distributed only to the participants of the referral program and to new users for registration on our platform.


How the free CNG Tokens referral program works

1. ABSOLUTELY ALL NEW USERS who has registered on the site from 20.02 till 20.05 will receive $300 airdrop in CNG token.

2. For this, they need to fulfill three conditions:

  • REGISTER from 20.02 till 20.05.
  • PASS the KYC verification procedure.
  • JOIN the Telegram chat.

3. If your account was registered before 20.02, then the only way to get CNG tokens is to participate in the referral program. By inviting friends and acquaintances to register on the exchange, you will earn CNG tokens according to the following 5-level reward system.

  • Level 1 – $300 in CNG tokens;
  • Level 2 – $100 in tokens;
  • Level 3 – $75 in tokens;
  • Level 4 – $50 in tokens;
  • Level 5 – $25 in tokens.

To start referring friends, you need to open the “Referrals” tab, find your referral link, copy it and share it with your audience. In return, your referrals should register on our website through your link.

Let’s simulate the situation

You invite your friend by referral link, he or she becomes the first-level referral for you. Then, his friend registers with his link, which opens the second level of your referral rewards. After that, this user invites his friend, which, on his turn, becomes the third-level referral. By this chain, you achieve level 5 of the referral program and earn profits from each of its links.

You can also benefit from the activity of users invited by you. You’ll be rewarded with each new invitation made by your referrals.

Invite active users and earn commissions from their trades – up to 25% of the volume of commissions of your referral and his referrals UP TO LEVEL 5. The more your referrals will be active in trading, the more profit you will get on your balance:

  • Level 1 – 25% of the trading fee;
  • Level 2 – 15% of the trading fee;
  • Level 3 – 10% of the trading fee;
  • Level 4 – 5% of the trading fee;
  • Level 5 – 3% of the trading fee.

The percentage of your referrals’ trading will be shown in the ”Referrals” tab, and you can easily track the activity of the users you invited. The payment of your profit from their trading will be made at the beginning of each month for the previous one!

Note that the total number of CNG tokens is limited. After the end of the distribution, they can only be purchased on the Coinsbit exchange from users who received them through the referral program!

Users who received tokens will be able to play with them at CNGame Casino or sell them after the launch of trading on our platform.

CNG tokens will be distributed to every users before June 1.

Hurry up! Do not miss the chance to get
more profit with Coinsbit!


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