15 Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Nigeria without Investment

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I know many of you must be thinking: here they come again! This is no joke, it is very possible to earn money online in Nigeria without investment. Just put your doubts aside and let me show you the best ways on how to earn money online in Nigeria without any investment. I am also going to show you some proof of how I earn money online in Nigeria with few methods given below.

Do you know you can earn millions online in Nigeria without Investment?

If you are thinking I am going to give you the usual stuff, some side earning ideas that can get you only a little money then be aware, I am not going to talk about:

  • Earn money online in Nigeria by survey ( I don’t believe they can make you rich)
  • Paid to click and earn money online
  • Online money earning with micro jobs
  • No smartphone use for download application and refer a friend to earn money online
  • Online quiz to earn money in Nigeria

Have i earned money online in Nigeria?

Of course Yes. I have been in the”make money online” space for a while now. And within these years, I have had some pretty big failures and lost very huge money to online scams and Ponzi schemes. In this all, I have learned some big lessons which help propelled me back to online success.

15 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nigeria without Investment

Way back in 2006, I joined my first online business called multimedia links. It was a well structured Ponzi scheme disguised as an investment program with head office in the northern Nigeria city of Kaduna.

I invested my first-semester school fees in the program and it went crashing miserably after just a few months taking away all investors’ money. I lost my school fees and almost lost my university degree program. Making money Online stuff was not popular in those days and money-earning online in Nigeria was still an unknown fact.

I went offline with GNLD, TIANSHI, GREEN WORLD, etc with big promises and high hopes but little real results. I returned online as a freelancer and started earning as little as 2$/day. As time goes on, I started to understand the power of online earning.

Over the years I have gained more experience, seek more knowledge and skills and established myself with some successful businesses online including blogs like theabusites.com, myremoteincome.com, partnered and Invested in big startups line buyeunit.com and much more.

In a nutshell, My online journey has not been a bed of roses but a worthwhile one which I see as a big learning process. So are you ready to earn money online in Nigeria now? Let’s begin

How do I Earn Money Online in Nigeria without Investment?

Below are 15 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nigeria without Investment

#1. Earn Money as a Freelancer

My first of the 15 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nigeria without Investment is freelancing. Of course, that is how I made my first dollar online. There are many freelancing websites (like Upwork, Fiverr, etc) in which you can apply for the job for which you are comfortable to do and can earn money online.

You can opt for jobs like writing, software developer, web designing, training courses, human resources, etc. Depending on your skillsets. Every job has its value and perks. You can start slow and low but you will see yourself growing consistently with time and dedication. I have seen people earning good money consistently by freelancing job.

You don’t need any investment for this. You have to make your profile that matches a job and you have to present yourself most suitable for it.

#2. Earn Money from your writing

Another great way to Earn Money Online in Nigeria without Investment consistently is writing. You Can register with platforms like STUDYBAY and write assignments and homework for Undergraduate students.

You can also choose any topic you have knowledge or you want to share with the world. Apply for job on freelancer as well for writing articles, stories etc and earn money online. Opt to write for others as well and earn money online in return.

#3. Earn money online in Nigeria on Youtube

Gone are the days when Youtube was just for entertainment. Now it is a source of income and You can earn very good money consistently from YouTube. It works on CPM (Cost Per Mile) be it some average money for a mile of every 1000 views or likes

You can create a youtube channel, post some good videos, create some awareness about your page, gain some follower ship, monetize your channel and see your earning. Just take a straw to YouTube and you will see some successful Nigerian Youtubers who are earning millions from the platform.

Nigerians are gifted people so this won’t be hard. You can make a comedy skirt, talk about Issues or explain a topic and post it on your Youtube channel. You can also teach something, make some educational videos, by giving a review of any product or giving a tutorial as well and earn from it as audiences grow.

#4. Earn money online in Nigeria on Twitter

Twitter is one of the great ways to earn money online in Nigeria without investment. Have you seen celebrities gaining popularity from Twitter? A News channel posting a breaking news story, Trust me one can earn very good money from Twitter so as to establish a good carrier from it.

There are different ways to earn money online on Twitter. As your followers increase as well as reach, You can become a market strategy or an influencer. You can also explore different ways like Video ads on twitter, sponsored Ads, Business leads or Twitter-related services.

#5. Make money online in Nigeria by Selling courses 

Do you have knowledge in your domain and you are good in a particular area or field. You can actually earn money by transforming it into an online course.

You can easily make and sell courses online by using available tools or using other online platforms like SKILLSHARE. If you know music teach people music, if you know any sports well, teach people about that sport, make courses, sell them and earn money online.

#6.Earn money online in Nigeria without Investment by becoming a middle man

You have a site or a blog. You run Ads on your site from AdSense and when anyone clicks on it you earn every time. Do you know Google is a middle man in the Ads with AdSense. When anyone clicks on your Ads, Google get a fix amount, Google keeps its commission and gives rest to you.

You can also earn money online by becoming a middle man. By working as a freelancer I was able to get some projects which I use to assign to other individual. I use to keep 20% of money earn from that project and rest 80% is for the person who use to do project.

Do you have a successful YouTube channel with monetization and sponsored with it. You can help some of good channels in getting sponsors and earn a middle man commission.

#7. Buy and Sell domain names

You can also make money online in Nigeria without investment by selling domain names. A Domain is simply a website example myremoteincome.com. so I can sell my domain and earn money online? The answer is yes of course.

There are people earning from selling domain names on platforms like whogohost, Gigalayer, etc and making a lot of money, they also put their domain in an auction to some sites. The domain traders do follow some strategy for this.

They find some popular phrases, do some keyword planner, try to find available domain names with those search and buy them. Later they sell those domains in good price. You can also sale or auction your domains on godaddy.com.

#8. Sell photos and earn

If you think you are best at taking photos, then you can actually earn from this. There is an online website that helps you earn money online from your best shots. Istockphoto and Shutterstock are the two platforms for your earning from photos.

There are also some more websites but I am aware of these two as equally popular. Both of them have a different price structure. You can also refer photographers and earn some money whenever their photos are purchased. Here is a detailed article with a comprehensive list of THE BEST SITES TO SELL YOUR PHOTOS IN AFRICA

#9. Sell products online and earn from it

Of course, we do have these options as well, you can sell a product online and make money. If you have any product like clothes, jewelry, books etc. you can sell it online.

You can register with Jumia, Konga or Even Amazon to sell your product. All these sites have the facility to deliver your product straight to the customer or you can ship by yourself. There is some fee structure set by amazon that you need to know, like Referral fee ( varies according to the product, starting minimum as 3%) and fixed closing fee. So also Jumia, Konga and the rest

#10. Earn money online from Blogging

Slowly but consistently blogging can be a great source for earning for you. Blogging is spreading its wings across the world and Nigeria isn’t an option. And this can be your way to earn money online in Nigeria if you take it seriously.

If you have hobby of writing, this will suit you best. With your quality writing you can invite people to read your blog and as traffic to your blog increases you can monetize your blog that can earn you good money.

But if you are thinking of earning money very quickly with blogging, I bet there is no magic. You need to wait for some time to see your first earning. You can write on anything like cooking, traveling, teaching any courses, etc. Just make sure the articles are interesting enough for people to read.

Both ways you can earn money online, difference is when you write for someone you get paid instantaneously as this is like you are providing a service and charging for it. But when you write for yourself or for your blog it can be a source for consistent earning in long term.

There are many articles, blogs, and videos (YouTube) available on how you can start your blog and earn money online from it. ALWAYS REMEMBER: it cannot make you rich quickly. You need to have patience and need to work hard on your writing.

There are many ways people earn from their blog like by running ads on your blog, affiliate marketing etc.

#11. Earn money online in Nigeria from Facebook

Yes, I am serious! Facebook is not only about being on a social network sharing a fake life and gossiping, it is also a source of good income for smart people.

You can create a page on Facebook and post good stuff that catches people’s attention like posting a link to good information, or sharing any useful content on your page, reviewing a product, etc which will enable the page to get some Facebook traffic.

After which you can monetize your Facebook page by running ads, doing affiliate marketing, etc. If you have a youtube video you can post it on your Facebook page as well, in that way you are targeting crowd in two ways, one on youtube and others on Facebook for the same video.

#12. Earn Money on Instagram

Just like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has the potential to generate great revenue for you. Similar to any other social media, the more audience or followers you have the more chances you hold for multiple streams of income.

You can earn money by sponsored posts for any brand. You can do affiliate marketing as well as sell your own products, physical or digital and earn from it. You can also provide your services for which you can charge a fixed amount.

#13. Earn by consulting

You can provide some consultation to a client or people on your core skills. Like if you have knowledge of marketing and you know how you can make a business grow faster, then you can provide your ideas to a client or a startup and charge according to that.

You must not be a master on your core knowledge but you should be having enough knowledge better than a client. And trust me learning is a process that will continue. We are going to be even better with some new learnings. You can definitely make money online in Nigeria without investment with this.

#14. Teacher or a coach

If you are having any skill that you think you are good at, then you can provide coaching or opt for teaching online with the way you want to choose. There is good earning in this field too. You can provide your coaching for any sports.

Become a dance teacher if you are good at, teach yoga, etc. There are many options depending upon your skill and interest. Make your video or write (add pictures if needed) step by step and start to publish on a social network, Youtube or your blog. Earn money online as traffic grows, you can later monetize your skills in different ways to earn millions.

#15. Earn money from your hobby

This is something interesting I want to add here. I have practical experience on how to earn good money consistently after establishing your business or startup with no investment at all.

How Smita established her own plants nursery without any investment?

Smita was having a deep interest in gardening, she loves to see new plants in her garden. She never thought that her hobby will get her to establish a successful business. She use to collect varieties of flowers from friends, neighbors or any commercial places.

She started to get it dry in sunlight ( or some simple home methods) and collect seeds from flowers. She has many seeds from one flower. Then she uses to plant those seeds in small egg try in her home. After when they grow a little she use to transfer it to her garden. In this process after few months, she noticed she was able to grow a variety of plants, some of them rare plants.

Her beginning of establishing her nursery started when nearby nurseries have shown interest to buy seasonal plants. From then she grew a roadmap of success out of her hobby. She was able to earn money online without investment.

She was able to earn from online marketing, educating people about gardening on youtube, etc.

Good Thing is – You Can Also do it! We all have some hobbies and interests that we never know can turn up a successful business for us.

How to make money online here in Nigeria without investing money: Conclusion!

Now you can better decide how you plan to earn money online in Nigeria legally without a tangible investment.

My effort in sharing this information will go in vain if you don’t execute any of those. Do not be afraid of failures and if you do then I am sure you are going to miss the most important lessons of your life.

The Internet is full of choices but knowledge is important. We can also earn out of our hobby. And remember you only need to have a laptop, smartphone, tablet and internet connection.

Have you tried any of the 15 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nigeria without Investment, mentioned above? what was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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