EduGram Review – Best Affiliate Network for Edublogs

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Edugram is a leading CPA network for the educational niche that can monetize traffic on EDUBLOGS. They cover the entire range of educational services and gives their affiliates more opportunities to earn on student and school traffic from all around the world.

They are a well-established network with thousands of Publishers, million of conversions and payout of tens of million dollars and numerous international offers.

Edugram works in the easiest possible way and all you need to do is place ads, the customer would make payments and you can earn profits and if in any case, one does not know how to start, they will provide case studies and advice in accordance with each traffic source.

They are an expert at monetizing traffic from different continents and are obliged to share the same skills with you and working with them is a great way to start earning money online with your blog.

Edugram have offers from Author24, which is the largest academic writing marketplace, Studybay, the top help service for students in the USA,  Lingualeo, an online service for learning English, Fiverr which is one of the world’s largest marketplace for online services, and many more.

Let’s analyze and evaluate the network in depth to infer its’ pros and cons.

Unique Benefits for Publishers

As a publisher, you would be assured profitable and interesting offers and Edugram create their products in accordance with the wishes if their clients, and assure you that your ideas would be realized and executed well by them.

Edugram also provide advanced promotional materials, which not many ad networks care to provide and the same guarantees high return on investments. They have daily payouts and they make it a point to not delay the same and be punctual about it.

Also, they cooperate and communicate with publishers a fair amount to provide them with detailed statistics and put together conferences, write cases and create and develop innovative technologies.

Joining Requirements for Publishers

There are no given requirements for Publishers and Edugram have no specific specific criteria for one to check on before signing up. Their publishers can also be affiliates, doorway’s owners, webmasters etc.

You necessarily don’t need to have thousands’ of page views a day to get approved on the network. However, it is crucial that your niche is a good fit for Edugram to maximize your revenue potential.

Screenshots of CPM Rates for Publishers

EduGram Review- A Cool Affiliate Network for Edublogs

As shown here, the CPMs offered are pretty generous and the same is not limited to just one geographical location, and the same is available worldwide.

Edugram Dashboard Overview

Edugram has an easy to use dashboard, which along with a variety of functions, is also exceptionally convenient. Even if you are new to the entire business, their dashboard would not seem difficult to use and is pretty much a cakewalk.

Not just that, they have an array of features lined up to make advertising, monetizing and publishing extremely easy.

Earnings Report- Screenshot

Here you can take a look at the overall earnings report. You have the option to filter via stream, disciples, and other options.

EduGram Review- A Cool Affiliate Network for Edublogs

Edugram Payment Methods

They provide you with a couple of options for payment and you can choose whatever you deem as convenient. They can transfer it through WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer and also make ePayments.

Edugram Payment Cycle for Affiliates

Edugram pays its publishers on a daily basis. You must reach at least $10 to withdraw funds. The payment options are PayPal, Webmoney, Payoneer, ePayments and Wire transfer.

What’s Unique/Benefits for Advertisers

Edugram has quite a lot of benefits for advertisers with the primary one being that they have an arena of specialization, that is, they are undeniably one of the very bests in educational traffic, so, working with them would not only be efficient but also there is a sheer guarantee of good money.

They do not wait or delay your offers from being noticed and instead attract publishers at a go and they have quite a simple integration with detailed online statistics and have a 24*7 support available to help.

Joining Requirements for Advertisers

All conditions and criteria is discussed directly with the potential advertiser. Some of the popular advertisers include Fiverr, Studybay, Profiru, etc.

The most converting advertisers are primarily essay writing services, test and preparation papers, etc. With more than 1 million conversions and 5000 publishers, it is one of the recommended networks for advertisers who are looking for education traffic to promote their offers.

Advertiser Point of Contact

In case an Advertiser has queries they can get in touch with them Telephone: 8-800-100-03-20, at and they have a fully equipped team ready at all times to help.

Best Features Of Edugram CPA Network?

  • Exclusive, highly optimized and targeted offers
  • Competitive commissions in the education industry
  • Daily payments : The publishers would receive their payouts on time.
  • Real time reporting system : The publishers can track clicks, conversions and revenue in the real time.
  • Dedicated support

Final Conclusion:

THE Edugram CPA network is ideal for monetizing school and college traffic. The Edugram CPA network has the best offers for advertisers too.

Edugram is an excellent CPA network for educational traffic monetization across all geos. I have work with them for a year and can godly recommend them to anyone. I hope this Edugram review help people to get started. CHECK IT OUT


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