HODL – See Reasons Why HODLing Your Crypto is The Best Call!

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For the fans of Winterfell’s gentlest giant, the call to HODL may come louder. When it comes to what to do in a crypto winter though, the community agrees the only way forward is hodling.

HODL or ‘hodling’ is one of the most well known and frequently used crypto acronyms. Particularly during crypto winters. Stemming from a typo, or perhaps a warg time warp fever dream warning from the future (You, Bran. We’re talking about you), HODL came to be in a 2013 Bitcoin forum.

After a whisky or two, a certain gentleman started a thread he named “I AM HODLING”. From there the internet did what it does best and catapulted the typo to a staple acronym ftw lol. On this forum, he imparted his view of the market drop that had affected Bitcoin. The message was a familiar one for those who watch Game of Thrones, HODL.

Word on the street

Slang is very popular in the crypto community and HODL refers to holding or not selling cryptocurrency during a bear market. Rather, you ride it out until the price comes back up. It fits well into the community’s belief that the future of money is cryptocurrencies, and as such, people should hodl as the cryptocurrencies will increase in value.

Over time HODL came to stand for ‘Hold On for Dear Life’ as strong movements shook the market, but the concept is still the same.

Get in on the HODLhuddle

If Bitcoin is the next natural step in the evolution of money, which we think it is, then hodling on to your satoshis is the best call to make.

Market volatility can affect your holdings drastically but you’ve only lost or gained money once you’ve sold. A problem you won’t have if you HODL. To HODL is to bet on the future. A more inclusive and accessible future that’s transparent on the blockchain.

When it comes to building for the future, patience is key. It’s what we’ve always been told about all good things – they take time. If we look at the price progression of Bitcoin we can see that while it’s been a bumpy ride in the short term over the last decade, there has been a consistent incremental increase.

While this is not the be-all-and-end-all by any means, nor is it financial advice – just one of the ways we gauge value, and it’s clear which direction Bitcoin is trending.

The increase in price has also been supported by more interest, acceptance, and adoption for its use case. Each new person added to the community fuels the validation that we’re all onto a good thing.

It’s the longer-term vision that drives this community and holding on means a lot (and does a lot).

hodl HODL gif

HODLing is investing in the future of finance. It’s a way to get involved with this new technology and help grow our way to mass adoption. It does require patience and tenacity, though, but it comes with the knowledge that you’re part of building the ship getting us to the moon!

To learn more about Cryptocurrency and the acronyms that power it, check out more on the blog. If you can’t find the answer to your questions there or just want to shout out a “HODL” reach out to us on Twitter and remember to hold the door for crypto.

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