Latest Voices Africa Review 2020: A Great Way to Get Paid for Voicing Your Opinion

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If you are searching for the latest comprehensive voices Africa reviews 2020 to know more about the Voice Africa paid survey and the voices Africa referral program so that you can make money online in Africa, then you are in the right place. Let get to business

What is Voices Africa?

The Voices Africa is an online market research site that connects users with companies by providing an online survey to its users for the companies to gather feedback to their market research so they can innovate their products and services.

Voices Africa was founded in 2000 by a company called Consumer Insight Africa. The head office is located in Nairobi Kenya. Their goal was to create an online panel made up of African consumers who are prepared to share their opinions on all sorts of different products and services.

Voices Africa Review

Voices Africa is a great way to tell important companies what you really think about the work they’re doing and earn cash rewards at the same time.

How does Voices Africa Work?

Without consumer and customer feedback, Great global giants like Apple, Samsung, Airline, Nokia, Huawei, etc won’t be able to get to where they are today. They rely on customers’ opinions to improve or innovate their products and services.

Companies like Voices Africa serves as a vehicle for you to tell those companies how you feel about their products and how they can make it better.

Therefore, Voices Africa connects these companies to their customers and consumers with different backgrounds through online paid surveys to help them with market research. And pay you to tell them your honest opinion. Isn’t that awesome?

How do I join Voices Africa?

To become a member of the Voices Africa survey panel simply visit the registration page and SIGN-UP. After you’ve registered you’ll receive an email from Voices Africa asking you to confirm your registration.


Once you have registered and verified your email, you should start receiving emails for survey invites directly into your inbox with 24hrs. You can also login to their website and take available surveys directly from there.

How to make money with voices Africa

There are two ways to make money with voice Africa: Taking the voices Africa online surveys and participating in the voices Africa referral program. Let’s take a look at each of them;

#1. The Voices Africa Surveys

Voices Africa is an online survey site hence you will be invited from time to time to complete the voices Africa surveys online. Please note that you won’t qualify for all the surveys, your entry will depend on factors like your demography, your age, level of education and other specific criteria the company may set. Every company undertaking market research has a specific target market that the company needs.

Survey durations are between 10 to 30 minutes and the reward is 1000 to 5000 points depending on the duration of the survey. The maximum earning is 5000 points which are equal to $5 so you will be earning an average of $10 per hour despite the disqualification rate you will need to complete 4 surveys that reward you with the high amount to meet the Payment threshold

#2. The Voices Africa Referal Program

The Voice Africa Referal Program

The Voices Africa Referal Program is a great way to increase your earning on the voice Africa platform. You can invite your friends, families, neighbors, etc. For every successful user you invite, you earn 500 points equal to $0.5. If you are interested in more survey sites, you can check out, or

How You’re Paid

Each survey you take with Voices Africa will earn you between 1,000 and 5,000 Voice Points. Once you have earned 20,000 Voice Points you can exchange them for cash. 1,000 Voice Points is equivalent to US$1. Payments are made electronically.

Is Voices Africa a Scam?`

No, voices Africa is not scam site they have been in the business since 2000 delivering good service to their clients who need the market research. They are by far one of the most legitimate and experience paid survey sites online today.

Privacy and Security

User privacy is very important to Voices Africa, and its security protocol is very good. Any survey responses you submit will be passed onto their client anonymously.

They also take good care of your personal details, and won’t share your email address or contact information with any other company. REGISTER NOW

Voices Africa Review 2020 – My Conclusion

Online surveys are an easy and simple way to make some extra bucks online and Voices Africa is one of the oldest and most experience survey sites in Africa. Voice Africa survey is a faster way to make a few bucks online and it is risk-free since you do not have to invest any money besides your time.

Will I recommend someone to join this survey site? absolutely YES!!! Are they perfect, NO! But they are legit and reliable. CHECK IT OUT HERE! If you are interested in more survey sites, you can check out, or

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