6 Great Steps To Becoming A Super Network Marketing leader

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One fundamental mistake that many network marketers make is they don’t position themselves as Network marketing leaders.

Becoming a network marketing  leader in your group, team or company is one of the best things you can do for your reputation and your branding in network marketing because people will be attracted to do business with you as well as learn from you.

The unfortunate truth is that, we live in a world of mostly followers. Most people simply do not want to lead or just don’t want to do what they need to do to develop themselves into a leader. If you want to own your own business successfully, as well as recruit lots of people and get lots of sales, you need to show everyone you’re a leader. This is non negotiable and very very vital to your success in the internet marketing industry.

Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing leader

1. Give value and teach people through content.

Use content in the form of videos, blogs, audios, emails, etc. to consistently give tips to people and teach them basic strategies that can help them and people will start to see you as an expert. Don’t know what to do content on? Think of the problems and questions people have in your industry and solve them.

2. Model after what other leaders in the same industry as you.

Find people who have built huge followings in your niche and study them. Model after them and you will start building a following yourself. Don’t reinvent the wheel or over complicate everything. Trust me, you don’t want to try and just figure everything out by yourself.

3. Read daily and develop yourself.

Whether it’s reading a chapter of a great book like Think And Grow Rich everyday or listening to empowering audios done by other leaders, just take 20-60 minutes per day and make it a goal to be a little bit better person by the end of each day. Personal development is the ultimate leadership key. Don’t believe me? Ask Tony Robbins and his students.

4. Host something live every week.

Do a live webinar, Google Hangout, conference call, etc. at least once per week for your leads and/or team. When you host something live every week, people start seeing you as a leader who is in charge of helping others succeed and you will develop great speaking/presenting skills from consistently doing this.

5. Post results and testimonials about what you’ve done.

Something that really proves to people that you’re a leader is having other people vouch for you in testimonials talking about the impact you’ve had on their lives. Also, when you get results, whether it is a lot of leads, ridiculous conversion rates, lots of sales, etc. post proof of that so others can see.

It makes people want what you have and pull the trigger to do business with you.

6. Be confident in yourself.

Confidence is a powerful force and when people see it in your demeanor, they are attracted to you and curious about what you do. Think how your favorite leaders would act in different situations, but still add your personality to that.


Becoming A leader in network marketing is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself. It attracts customers and business partners to you and it makes your work so much easier. Think about it…The leaders are always the ones that get to enjoy the finer things in life more than anyone. Of all the mistakes in network marketing, don’t make the mistake of not developing yourself into a leader.


Written by: Justin Bryant of Selfmadesuccess.com

Photo Credit: udemy.com

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