Now Is The Perfect Time to Earn Bitcoins – Here’s Why

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Digital currencies have taken the world by storm and yeah! It’s a revolution which has only showcased the advantages of decentralization.

Alot of folks have earn Bitcoin in significant figures and many are millionaires today through Bitcoin. Many more are going to embrace the currency Once they understand how the technology behind digital currencies work, that can lead them to understand that the future of finance is here.

There are more than 2000 active crypto currencies, of which the most popular and the most renowned one is Bitcoin”, which was created almost a decade back by a person pseudo named as Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody knows actually who’s that person or a group of people.

So, here we are going to discuss why now is the the perfect time to earn Bitcoin. Obvious reasons why earning the largest cryptocurrency in the world is not only a good but one of the best idea. You have several platforms to know how to invest in Bitcoin in 2019.

• Bitcoin: $7,782.88 +5.69%
• Ethereum: $242.76 -0.79%

Bitcoin has been up 39.65% in the past 30 days, continuing the bull run that started early February


Now Is The Perfect Time to Earn Bitcoins – Here’s Why

It’s common knowledge that you should buy low and sell high…. but it’s often hard to tell when exactly those lows and highs are. Sometimes, however, those signals are pretty clear. Experts have been talking about Bitcoin’s rise to $11,500 for a long time now, and so far, their ideas are holding up. The current price slump might have given jitters to some investors, but not all – some are even more interested than ever.

What’s $7,500 got to do with it? The weekly charts shows the Bitcoin price in more or less a holding pattern, staying in the $7,200 to $8,100 range, with the price at publication a little over $7,500.

Assuming the forecast by experts is correct, the uptrend will soon resume, meaning that buying in now represents a fantastic opportunity to make out like a fox in the henhouse as the price ticks up to that magic $10k, and $11,500 beyond it.

What if whatever’s driving the rally slips? There’s always a risk involved in any strategy, but increasing institutional confidence in Bitcoin, as shown by record volumes, makes this seem like a long-term trend instead of a short-term boost.

Despite some doom and gloom, Bitcoin’s current correction was well expected, and doesn’t show any signs of rapidly crashing. Instead, the current chart is pretty stable, showing that the price is condensing. Once it does, we fully expect the price to start moving in line with prior expert predictions and appreciate rather rapidly.

Like what? A long running saga in Bitcoin history has been the identity of the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin SV’s founder, Craig Wright, has long claimed to be Satoshi. But the current jump in price is likely linked to Wright’s latest claim of a copyright on the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

Woah, so is he…? It’s really highly doubtful. Aside from all the other evidence that make it hard to believe Wright’s claims, the copyright claim doesn’t actually mean anything, as the copyright office doesn’t check the veracity of any given claim. All you need to register a copyright is 55% and an internet connection.

Earn Bitcoin

But the price is still up, right? Wright’s spent a lot of time and effort convincing people that he’s Satoshi, and pumping his own Bitcoin fork, SV, as well. (The SV stands for ‘Satoshi’s Vision.’) And while the price jump did coincide with news reports of the copyright claim, it still represents a lot of money being poured into a cryptocurrency that’s been delisted from several exchanges.

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Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto growing – BitcoinCash, EOS, and Litecoin have all beaten it in growth…While cryptocurrency often follows Bitcoin’s growth, it takes something special to beat the daddy of crypto itself, but these three coins have managed it. LTC gained 175.9% y-t-d, BCH gained 147.55%, and EOS gained 126.99%.

Every serious online/offline investor should be part of this epic revolution – Bitcoin, which will make you proud in the years to come as the ROI will not only make you wealthy but also would lead to more open streams of revenue. When you are aware of the market trends, you might know why now is the best time to step up and earn Bitcoin. As you might have observed that it is Bitcoin that drive the market sentiment, you might have noticed whenever Bitcoin price surges, the other major altcoins mostly follow the run. So, embrace the change, which is for the better.

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