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Printful Review 2019 – Build Your Own High Quality Clothing Business in 2019

Printful Review 2019 – Build Your Own High Quality Clothing Business in 2019 1
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If you’ve heard of dropshipping and wanted to build your own clothing line using dropshipping model, then you’ve definitely looked into Printful. In our Printful review, we are going to take a detailed look at what it does, different  items they offer, and the services they offer for store owners.

Our Printful review will tell you what makes this app so good at what they do and if it’s the perfect POD app for your business.

What is Printful?

Printful is a Print-on-demand dropshipping business solution. They are a POD service that prints your custom designs and artwork on different items including, but not limited to t-shirts, hats, and tank tops.

They also provide a customized retail service for people who just want to buy some personalized clothing for themselves. However, they are quite popular for their seamless dropshipping services.

They allow online store owners to make some serious money in the e-commerce industry without having to worry about fulfillment or manufacturing a single product.

All you have to do is merely provide them with your custom designs, logos, or artwork and they take care of the rest.

It easily integrates into your online store as it’s available for multiple e-commerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, etc.

How Does Printful Work

Every time a customer places an order on your store, they pay a mark-up price while you only have to pay the wholesale price for the item.

This app automates the entire process, which means you have to deal with fewer headaches than normally associated with an e-commerce business.

It works by efficiently fulfilling all your orders: they provide you tools to put your designs onto their products, they print those design on the specific items and ships them out to your customers.

All you are supposed to do is install the app on the e-commerce platform you use, and you will be operating a fully automated online business. Printful Shopify app integrates with the platform with just a simple click.

How to Use Printful on Shopify

Printful integrates easily with Shopify and it’s a breeze to use. In order to use this app on Shopify, head over to your Shopify Dashboard.

From the Apps section, go to the Shopify App store and search for “Printful” app. Click Get and complete the registration process. 

Once, installed, this app will be available for use on your Shopify store. You can create custom products and put them for sale on your Shopify store directly from the Admin area.

How to sell Printful Products on Shopify

Now, that you have installed and learned how to use this app on Shopify. It’s time to start selling custom products on Shopify.

From the Shopify Dashboard, go to Apps > Printful and this is your admin area. You can start creating your first product from here.

Click the Add Product button, choose the product that you want to design and you will be redirected to the customization area.

Add your design and click “Proceed to Mockup“, after selecting your desired Mockup image, add a catchy description and set the price. Printful mockup generator lets you checkout how your designs look on the products. Finally, Submit the product to your store.

Congratulations, your first product is now live on your Shopify store.

Printful Review

Printful products are of highest quality and they have a plethora of different products ranging from simple clothing to accessories.

All these products are available in different sizes, types, and styles that you can use for customization.

Their product catalog includes the following,

  • Men’s clothing
  • Women’s clothing
  • Kids & youth clothing
  • Accessories
  • Home & living

All these categories sport a variety of options with different styles and quality depending on their price.

For a detailed list of products, their pricing, sizes, variants, etc check out this updated CSV file that includes all the products.

What does Printful Cost

The pricing is very straightforward; it’s free, to a certain extent. With this app, you never have to pay any subscription fees, membership fee, worry about meeting the minimum order requirement, or anything along those lines.

You only pay the orders your customers place. They lay out their pricing clearly from the start, from manufacturing, printing to shipping, everything is clearly priced.

Check out their Products and Pricing page along with their Shipping page to learn what their services actually cost.

Printful Mockup Generator

It provides a robust and easy to use Printful Mockup generator that lets you quickly generate mockups and print files for your products. During our Printful review, we tested the mockup generator and it was very simple to use.

Printful Mockup Generator

Printful mockup generator works for all of their products. You can create hat mockups, t-shirt mockups, mug mockups, and more.

Some products have multiple mockup styles, for example, t-shirts have wrinkled mockups, plain mockups, and model mockups.

How Does Printful Shipping Work

It takes them around 2-7 days to manufacture and print apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.) and around 2-5 days for non-apparel (posters, canvas, etc.) products.

So, the shipping times are added on top of that. The speed and price usually depend on the product type and order destination.

According to the company, 97.66% of their orders are shipped within five days.  Here’s a detailed chart explaining the shipping speeds for different destinations.

USA 3-5 days via USPS3-8 days via FedEx
1-3 business days (FedEx)
Canada 5-10
days without tracking
1-5 business days
Australia 10-20
days without tracking
1-5 business days
International from
days without tracking
1-5 business days
from Europe
days to Europe
business days  (FedEx)
10-20 days

Their shipping prices vary based on products. Different products have different shipping prices. So, check out the official shipping page for the shipping price for each product.

Printful Vs. Printify

Printify Printful
Price $7.73 $8.95
Ratings 5 Stars 5 Stars
Ease of Use Newbie Friendly Newbie Friendly
Fulfillment Outsourced In-house
Lead Time 1-3 days 3 days
Customer Service Positive recommendations Positive recommendations

Printful Alternatives

It is one of the top POD apps out there for people who are looking to get start their own clothing business or just want to sell customized products.

However, it is not the only POD app available out there and if our Printful review still hasn’t helped you in making a decision then worry not. There are numerous other Printful alternatives that provide similar services, and some even at more reasonable rates.

Here are other Printful alternatives available out there that you can use:

Final Words

If our Printful review, does not convince you to at least give them a try then we don’t know what will.
However, if our Printful review has already convinced you then CLICK HERE to enter their site and give them a try to see for yourself what makes them the best in POD business.
You will be able to check precisely how excellent their service is, how it works, and how you can start your own automated dropshipping e-commerce business.
Also, we would like to know which POD services are you already using if any. Let us know what your favorite POD apps are.

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