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When you are building a network marketing business, you will face rejection on daily basis.

Actually, you BETTER face rejection because if you are not getting any rejection, that means you are not working your business and doing the 5 Core Production Activities every day.

But if you are committed to your MLM business and working hard each day, then rejection is part of the package that you have to deal with.

Rejection in mlm business

Rejection Can Be Tough

No one likes to be rejected and it can be tough to deal with for new associates who do not have business experience.

We are not accustomed to rejection because we “train” ourselves to sit inside our comfort zones each day.

The problem is the comfort zone is the most dangerous place because we don’t grow there.

All our dreams and desires are outside our comfort zone and as long as we stay there, we never grow.

And if we don’t grow, then our incomes don’t grow.

So one of the benefits of network marketing is that it FORCES us outside our comfort zone.

But once outside, there will be rejection!

Rejection is Common if You want to be Successful

People with business experience are not bothered by the rejection they get in MLM. Why? Because in their other businesses they deal with rejection everyday and they don’t take it personal. They know that in order to grow a business and get better, you have to get outside your comfort zone. And every time you step outside the comfort zone, YOU WILL GET REJECTED.

Entrepreneurs expect rejection.

That’s why it does not bother them. They face a lot more rejections in their other business than in their MLM business

Good Advice I Got About MLM

New associates in network marketing often have never gotten a taste of rejection before and thus get taken back and discouraged.

I had researched the MLM industry for a few months before I started my network marketing business and one of the more valuable things I learned was that I was going to get rejected. In fact, the number that I read was that out of 100 people, 99 would reject me! (it’s actually not that bad but that was the number that I learned)

So once I knew that 99 out of 100 would reject me, I was not caught by surprised when I got my first rejections. For the record, it took me 41 rejections before I got my first signup back in 2004 and when that 42nd person signed up, I thought I was good because I beat the average!

Here are a few ways to deal with Rejection.

1) People are not Rejecting You

They are simply rejecting your opportunity and have nothing against you personally.

You are just like the person that walks into a retail store. The sales associate may be nice to you and show you a few things but you decide not to buy and walk out. Did you have something personal against the sales associate to reject her?

No… you simply did not like the product she was offering. The same thing happens when people decide not to join your MLM business nor buy your products.

2) It Takes Rejection to Make Sales

How many times do people window shop and “reject” a store by simply walking past the store without buying?

and then…

How many window shoppers walk INTO a store and don’t’ buy anything?

It takes rejection to make sales so just expect it!

The good news it that you have to deal with far less rejection than a store owner does. Every day thousands of people walk past his store and reject him.

If you have this mentality that rejection is normal, then it helps you move on.

Remember, it is not personal!

3) They are ONLY Rejecting You NOW

It has to be the right time for someone to join a MLM business.

I’m sure there was a time that you would NEVER considered network marketing. When I was having fun at the NBA, I would never even spend 1 second to look at MLM. But it was only after a few years and realizing that I would never achieve my dreams working for someone else, that I became open to a network marketing opportunity.

It is all about timing and the same applies to your prospects.

So understand that if your prospect rejects you today, that does not mean they are rejecting you forever. Ask permission to contact that person 3 – 6 months from now and see if the time would be better for them.


There is never a bad prospect. Just the wrong time for the right prospect.

4) The More Rejections You Get the Faster You Grow!

If you are emotionally bothered by rejection, the easiest way to become numb to it is to get more rejections!

You need to go FAST in MLM.

Fast means you have to talk to as many people as fast as possible. The faster you talk to more people, then yesterday’s rejection becomes numb.


I had a prospect that declined to join my business 3 days ago. If he was the only person that I talked to, then it would still bother me. But since the last 24 hours, I’ve talked to 6 new people already and my mind is thinking about those 6 and have forgotten about that person already! He doesn’t even bother me or even register in my mind.

But if he was the only prospect that I had talked to… then… wow… I would be disappointed and it would bother me.

In order to go fast, make sure you have plenty of people to talk to. Make the commitment to increase your contact list everyday and add to it.

Whether it is meeting people in the gym, social clubs, church or doing internet marketing, you NEED TO INCREASE YOUR LIST EVERYDAY.

I have so many people I need to talk to that sometimes I feel overwhelmed. But that overwhelmed feeling is EXACTLY what you need to get over rejection because I am mentally occupied with all these new people I have to call that I have no time to dwell on that guy who rejected me earlier.

That is why Internet Marketing is so important. It is an important part of your MLM business that can help you increase your contact list. To learn how to get setup online easily and quickly, check out this training.

So to get over rejection… go fast to get over it!

5) You Don’t Need Them but They Need You

You have the opportunity that can change their lives.

They need YOU. But you don’t need them.

Why don’t you need them?

Because there are over 6 billion people in this world that you can share your opportunity with. You have plenty of options but your prospects don’t.

This mentality will give you posture and confidence.

And the more posture and confidence you have, the more people will become attracted to you. The more desperate you are and chase after people, the more they run away from you.

6) Study Success People

Read business news or biographies. Invest in self development and learn what made others successful. It does not matter what industry you are in, every successful entrepreneur had to work hard and deal with rejection. I read business publications every week not only to keep me updated on what’s going on but it motivates me.

Just remember, Thomas Edison took 10,000 tries before he finally got the light bulb right.

Can you deal with 10,000 rejections before you make your first million in network marketing?

7) Listen to Motivation

I know… no matter what I say, you will be bothered in one way or another by rejection. That is our human nature. We are emotional creatures and we have negative and positive emotions.

The trick to overcoming the negative emotions is to overwhelming them with positive emotions!

If you are down, listen to a positive motivating audio or read a motivational book and that will help you get back on track.

8) Surround Yourself in a Positive Environment

And most important of all, change your environment. Get away from negative people that will drag you down further emotionally and instead put yourself in an environment with positive people. Just being around them or talking to them will motivate you.

Remember when you are down, go up. When you up, go down.

That simply means when you are emotionally down, go talk to you upline. But when you are emotionally up and excited, go tell your downlines. And never the other way around.

How do You Deal with Rejection?

Those are just the 8 most common ways I deal with rejection. But there are even more… Did I miss out on any ways that commonly use? Please comment below.

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