Thirstyaffiliates Review: Why it is the Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin

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Thirstyaffiliates undoubtedly the best free affiliate link cloaking plugin for WordPress websites. If you want to make money through affiliate marketing, you must use affiliate link cloaking plugin.

WordPress has many link cloaking plugins, but I recommend Thristyaffiliates because I have been using it for some years now. It works flawlessly. It is one of the must use plugins for WordPress. Let me tell you my experience in this Thirstyaffiliates Review.

If you don’t know about the affiliate marketing, I suggest you

Why you should use link Cloaking plugin.

As I said you must use link cloaking plugins to hide the affiliate links for sevesev reasons. Affiliate links look ugly. They may be lengthy. If you cloak with the small link, you can easily use them on social media or on blogs.

Another best use is, for example, you have used an affiliate link for one product in many posts. If that link did not work in future or the advertiser closed affiliate program in the future, all your existing links will not work. They return to not existing page. It will your complete website SEO and it will give the blank page or Not Found page to your readers.

Searching for the corrupted link and replacing that with working link will be a tedious task. If you used a cloacking link instead original link, you just have to replace only one link with the working link.

Thirstyaffiliates Review

Thirstyaffiliates is the free link cloaking plugin. It also has the premium version. I suggest you don’t use any other free plugin for affiliate links.

Because free plugin authors may discontinue the plugin at any time. At that time, you have to spend lot of time to convert all existing affiliate links to new plugin.

This plugin has the premium version also. So they must continue their free version also. Free version does basic things which are necessary. You can also track clicks on your links with the free version.

If you need more features like auto-linking or Geo-target, you must go with the premium version. You can check complete features list from the Official Thirstyaffiliates website.

Free Version features

  • Link cloaking: is the basic need to hide the affiliate link.
  • Statistics: will add report section and count the number of clicks on the affiliate links.
  • Link Fixer: will fix any outdated or broken links.
  • Uncloak Links: feature is very useful for Amazon affiliates. It will show clocked URL to you in the dashboard and it will show original URL on the front end. It will meet the Amazon policies.

Pro Version Features

  • Autolinking will help you to link keywords automatically with the affiliate links. You can read How to autolink affiliate links to keywords in WordPress.
  • Geo-targeting will help you to use multiple countries affiliate links with a single cloaking link. You must read How to Geo-target affiliate links in WordPress.
  • Google click tracking module will help you to track your affiliate link clicks using Google analytics.
  • Event notification will send you an email notification when a certain event happened.
  • Link health checker.
  • URL shortener.

Pricing $ Discount

The basic version is free. You can buy single site license for $49 per year. 5 sites license with the discounted price for $149 per year. You can also buy unlimited sites license for $179/Yr.

How to use Thirstyaffiliates

Install Thirstyaffiliate free plugin from WordPress repository. Activate the plugin..

Buy Thirstyaffiliate Pro plugin. If you don’t want to buy the premium, you can skip below steps and continue reading the settings section. When you want to use the premium plugin, you must have installed and activated the free plugin.

Download & installation.

Upload the plugin.

Thirstyaffiliates Review: Why it is the Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin 2

Activate the plugin by clicking on Activate Plugin option.

Thirstyaffiliates Review: Why it is the Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin 3

You will see an error message to activate the ThirstyAffiliates Pro plugin shows that in below screenshot.

Click activate option. You will see License section of the plugin.

activate thirstyaffiliate pluing

Type your registered Email.

Paste the License Key which was copied from your ThirstyAffiliates dashboard. You will find the license in the Licenses section.

Click on Activate License option. The plugin will be activated. You will not see the error message.

Now you need to configure the plugin settings.


ThirstyAffiliates General settings

You can just follow settings shown in above screenshot. You can understand the meaning of each option by directly reading the description.

If you want to keep stats for one year, you need to replace 3 with 12 in the Trim stats older than: field. You can also reduce the number. If you put 12 or more, it will increase your database. So that it consumes more memory.

Link Appearance Settings

Link appearance settings thirstyaffiliates

These are the very important settings. You can check screenshot shown above for my settings.

Link Prefix

It is the word which appears between domain name and slug in the URL.

For example, consider my affiliate link:

Here I am using Chinesi as the prefix. You can select any one according to your need by clicking on the drop-down. You can also use the custom one.

You must carefully select it. Because you should not change it in future. If you change the prefix, your previous affiliate links will not work.

Link Category in URL

If you want, you can show the link category in the URL. As it increases the URL length, I don’t prefer to use link category in the URL.

Link Redirect Type

It is better to use 301 Permanent as the Link Redirect Type.

Use nofollow on links

You must select this option. It will help your website SEO. It is must to tell search engines not to follow your affiliate links by using the nofollow tag. If you check this option, Thirstyaffiliates will automatically insert nofollow tag to all your affiliate links.

You can enable or disable remaining options according to your need.


If you have the pro version, you will see all available modules in the Modulestab. I suggest you enable only required modules. Because they may consume your server resources and may have the effect on the website performance. I strictly suggest, use stats module only if you need that. Stats module will definitely give huge load on your server.

If you enable any one of the modules, you will see a corresponding tab and the settings for that module.


I definitely recommend using the Thirstyaffiliate plugin. You can use the free version without any issues.

Pros Cons
  • The free version has good no.of features.
  • Works flawlessly.
  • Little bit expensive Pro version.

Thirstyaffiliates Review: Why it is the Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin 4

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