5 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoins in 2019

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There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies. It is still a cherish commodity for all crypto enthusiasts. Despite the instability  in its price, 1 BTC still costs around $5,000 plus.

Alot of folks are eager to add some Bitcoins to their portfolio but don’t know how. Here are five sure ways to earn Bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin Mining:

This can be done at home or through a legitimate cloud mining company. If you have decent CPU and Gaming Graphic card, you can mine bitcoin from your desktop/laptop itself.


I have done it  mysmys and it is intinterest. Service is totally free. You have to download a software from websites like Minergate on your PC and your system will turn into a mining rig.

As long as your system is running, it will mine for you. This option is only profitable in case you have a good gaming GPU installed in your system, otherwise you will not be able to recover even the electricity costs. You can also invest in buying a dedicated mining rig.

Alternatively, you can mine
Bitcoin via legit Cloud Mining platform that help you to mine the bitcoins. They have bitcoin mining hardware at their own location and you buy a fraction of their bitcoin mining power (called hashrate) from these platforms.

You can buy from USD or from your already stored bitcoins. They return a part of your investment on a daily basis. Obviously, you don’t have to keep running your PC for this. Usually these websites come with 1 year to lifetime contract and take around a month to return your initial investment (subtracting electricity and other costs.).


Just like physical banks that accepts physical cash under certain terms over a period of time and return a certain percentage of profits on the amount invested, there are legitimate online platforms that does same with bitcoin and other Crypto currencies. I have been involved with a cocoup myself.

One is required to register and select an investment plan of choice and invest a certain amount of bitcoin. The invested amount is always returned with an interest after the maturity of the investment. They offer a generous ROI of  around 12%-18%.

WARNING: Before you invest, analyze and monitor the platforms. This sphere is risky. I have personally experienced the “other”  side of it. The chances that they can disappear with your money is very high. Select the site carefully and read the platform policies to ensure they take care of user safety. Majority of them are scams. CLICK HERE for a legit bitcoin investment site.


Just like forex and shares, Bitcoin is also ideal for speculation and trading because of its great popularity. This is one of the most popular ways to earn Bitcoin and one of my favorite. To do this, one has to monitor and buy the coin when the price is low or it is expected to increase. Then resell the coins when the time has come.

You can do this on your own or via a trading company. Although it sounds simple, this method requires a lot of attention, basic economic knowledge, and analytical skills. The principle of this method is buying cryptocurrency while it’s cheap and selling it at some significant price spike.

4. Earn Bitcoins by using your skills

Ways to earn bitcoin

If you believe that free cheese is only found in the mousetrap and prefer earning Bitcoins with your hard work, there’s a myriad platforms to help you with that.

No matter who you are, you can easily find a suitable job online. Cryptogrind, Jobs4Bitcoins, Coinality, Crypto.jobs, bitWAGE and even fiverr are examples of such platforms. It’s simple: you create a Bitcoin wallet and register on such website. Perform tasks and get paid in bitcoin


One of the ways to earn Bitcoins is doing minor tasks. Bitcoin faucets are the right spot for that. Faucets are apps or websites that make minor Satoshi rewards for users. Visitors need to complete tasks listed on the website.

Some faucets also provide altcoin tips. The task includes solving captchas, playing games, click on ads or watch videos. For every task done, they earn Bitcoin. An example is Bittube: there, you earn Satoshis for viewing YouTube content.

Is it an efficient way of earning crypto? Well, it’s not profitable for people who have a normal job. The reward is so minor that it’s hardly worth your attention.

Bottom Line

There are several interesting ways to earn Bitcoins online – all differ. Some of them are quite risky. But while the profitability of gambling totally depends on your luck, trading is something that requires knowledge. You must have enough experience to understand how to get Bitcoin via trading.

No matter which strategy you prefer, you should always double-check the platforms where you are going to buy or earn Satoshi. Make sure that you work with reliable websites that make fair payments and provide agreeable conditions. Reviews and feedbacks will help you make the right choice

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